Men love to control where they cum. Unfortunately, we can't exactly control when we burst, but at least we can control where. Men love to experiment with spraying, trying out all different places on women's bodies. Feet, belly, hair, then there are more common like pussy or anal creampie, ass chicks, titties or to fill her mouth, but they all say that there is something special about spraying it all over her face. I know I love that. I love seeing her scoop all of my cum and just eats it or plays with it. It is made of protein after all. And women also love that, it's hard to clean up if it on your back or in your ass or your hair, but here just scoop up and that's it. No wonder Japanese have a whole genre about it called bukkake. A lot of porn movies end with Facial, so a lot of movies are in this category. Just one click away from you are all kinds of girls with different age, hair or ethnicity just sitting on the floor waiting for some hot cream to hit their faces so they could play with it.

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