Well, there's only one thing better than a dress and that thing is obviously a skirt. It's quite easy to lift up a skirt on a girl in order to get what you truly want. However, it's not always that simple. Given that you most likely want a girl in your lap or a girl just pretty much literally anywhere around you at any given moment, let's just assume that you can run your fingers over her thighs much easier when she's wearing a short skirt or something like that, compared to a big fancy dress. That's why fancy dresses aren't anything too special. Sure, they look nice, but if you're a girl, don't wear them on dates where your man might take you someplace shady to finger you and whatnot. You know how this thing works. So, since you are still reading this text you are probably very much interested in what you're going to be seeing in this category, and I am here to answer this question to you. The best babes from all over Asia have come together to show you how cute skirts can be, and you are quite obviously, a very dedicated fan of skirts.

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