One of the most famous body types is obviously the slim body type. The reason as to why this body type is so famous and so desirable isn't actually that hard to figure out. It indicates that you are actually healthy so obviously this kind of thing will easily attract new partners. That's just how nature works. People who are way too fat just don't get any. Chubby is fine, that kind of thing should and can be tolerated, however, this kind of thing is just simply unacceptable. Either way, given that a whole lot of dudes fantasize about fucking some slim girls with nice hips and a nice piece of ass, it's no wonder that this kind of thing has gotten so much popular. The best thing you can do is just adapt to the changes that are about to come and make sure that you do not move a muscle. You don't want to lose that gorgeous "Haven't slept for days" look. It looks good on ya. And it's fashionable as hell. It will sure help you pick up Asian chicks, huh? Well, no one knows, but I wish you a whole lot of fucking luck doing so.

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