Ah, the famous work ethic that goes along with most Asians. The average hard-working Asian will obviously spend a lot of time in the office, given that they work an office job, of course. This led to the fetishization of some things in specific. Sure, even westerners like to see an office woman give it up and lose her mind all because of some cock, but this is kind of different. Seeing as Asians have come to praise work much than the average, well, Frenchman, for example, given that Frenchmen (and women, too) have fought for a smaller amount of working hours per week in the past. In contrast to that, the Asian didn't really mind working their asses off, and obviously, they developed an amazing work ethic. Seeing as they spent a lot of time in the office, they started to praise their female colleagues, and obviously, they wanted to fuck them. A truly interesting fetish that logically had to come around, at least for the Asians, just like that one fetish that involves groping women on a crowded metro. Because obviously, Asia is crowded, so yeah, trains are going to be quite crowded as well. Check it out!

Office Lady ~ 47 Porn Videos - Tuesday, 28 May, 2024