Once you are quite comfortable with your partner, you will not mind showing your love and appreciation for them in public and literally wherever. However, I'm not saying all couples should literally fuck in public to show that they truly love their partner, that kind of thing would be very dumb. However, if only a few couples do this kind of thing once in a while and record it, then nothing bad can come out of it, right? Well yes, that's just how it works out once in a while, which is completely fine. However, it should be appreciated much more. They do it so that we don't have to. Catch these couples fucking behind buildings, in the park, literally any public place that is nifty for you to fuck in, that's just how it works out for them. Maybe they do not have a place to stay and this is what they're forced to do? That's just how it goes sometimes, this doesn't exactly matter that much and we'll settle on the fact that we have a lack of information on these couples. What matters is that these folks are making sweet love to each other and that's fine.

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