Well, this is one of the more uncommon things you just might get to see in porn once in a while, but, here it is, let's not bitch about it. See, some men would simply not put on their clothes during sex, That's just how it is sometimes. However, girls will usually rush and make sure they take off all of their clothes, and this is often a good thing. What kind of heterosexual man doesn't want to see a girl all naked and whatnot? There aren't many such cases, and this shouldn't come off as a surprise. However, do you truly believe girls would be up for giving it up for you in this way? Well, even if they aren't up for doing a thing like this in real life they are definitively going to be giving it all up for you...on the internet. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, either. I mean, it's the next best thing to actually fucking a girl with none of your clothes on while your shorty has most of her clothes on. The only thing walking around with no clothes on is her pussy, so you might as well check it out nicely.

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